Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome to "The Socialist States of America"...

Barack Obama, obvious SOCIALIST, and perhaps the most unqualified candidate ever nominated to be President (and a person who would have major problems in obtaining a SECURITY CLEARANCE), has now become the most powerful man in the WORLD!!

My sincere thanks to the majority of Americans!!! You truly have done a tremendous job in destroying what was left of our once great nation...

Fasten your seat belts folks! The next several years are NOT going to be pretty...

Perhaps, looking back and seeing how we survived 4 years under President Carter, there is a chance we shall survive this nightmare.

Perhaps, our nation will now become more divided than it has been, since 1861...

God bless!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Little Halloween Humor...

More Obama LOVE for Socialism!


Yep, this may be the next PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!

And just think what we might be in for, with a Democratic Congress in both Houses, and someone as left as Obama, as our President...


Some Tough Questions for Biden


Apparently, the Obama Campaign was so angry about this interview, they "CUT-OFF" this TV Station from any further interviews...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Home Stretch is Upon us!

As we head into the final 2 weeks of this historic campaign, Obama still leads in all of the polls... Not good news for McCain and perhaps even WORSE news for Americans! www.realclearpolitics.com has more info, and they are a very solid site, for unbiased averages of national and state polls.

It appears America is poised to actually elect a SOCIALIST to the White House. Obama doesn't even try to disguise his political ideology any longer either, with recent statements like we need to "spread the wealth around". Karl Marx would've been proud of such a statement!

But it seems McCain while pulling a little closer, just can't seem to convince too many independent Americans of the obvious.

While visiting some family and friends in New York, I tried to keep a tally of all the folks in favor of McCain and those favoring Obama. Of the family members I spoke to, it was a shutout 4-0, and when it came to my buddies back home, it was an even bigger shutout, with 7 people pulling strongly for McCain and ZERO for Obama...

I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise though, as most of the folks I am close with have all come from humble middle or lower working class backgrounds, and everybody had to EARN THEIR LIVING. No handouts or entitlements... We also learned from our parents about true American Values and we were all fortunate enough to learn in school about the dangers of socialism and the value of CAPITALISM! Oh yes, we also learned HOW GREAT OUR COUNTRY WAS AND IS!!!

I'm not even sure if they teach that any more, to be honest! They are probably too busy teaching our children about the Messiah, named Obama...

But it was still quite astounding, that 11 folks whom I discussed politics with, were ALL for MCCAIN, albeit in this clearly divided country.

So I'm left wondering -- Is it really the Democrats vs the Republicans? The Conservatives vs the Liberals?? The Left vs the Right? Or is it more of those with common sense (McCain backers) going up against those whom are either just plain DUMB, IGNORANT or BOTH???

When Obama blasts President Bush for his unfettered spending, and then a minute later explains how he is going to INCREASE SPENDING BIG TIME, is it only the clear-thinking folks in the minority that actually GET IT??

That's a scary thought and that fear may actually become a reality on November 5th, should McCain be unable to turn this election around!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Off to NY!

Well, it's time to catch another flight to Long Island...

I simply MUST see my beloved NY Rangers at the Garden, and hang with my buds back home.

I'll be back with more blogging on Monday!

Debate Summary

In a nutshell, McCain did a good job last night, but Obama was calm and cool (as usual), and I'm honestly not sure if there's enough time left for McCain to turn this election around... Ayers, and Obama's questionable associations with "Acorn" came up briefly, but McCain stuck to attacking Obama on his dangerous tax plan most often, and even referred to "Joe, The Plumber" several times (whom is a small business owner, Obama had spoken to - and Obama told Joe we have to "spread the wealth", in justifying his extremely high tax increases on small business owners, making over 250K).

Almost every poll has Obama significantly ahead, even if most of the Battle-Ground States, so unless Senator McCain can pull off a miracle, things are not looking good.

But in the immortal words of Yori Berra, "IT AIN'T OVER 'TILL IT'S OVER!"...

Obama may be planning a huge victory party for election night (as www.drudgereport.com is reporting), but until all the votes are tallied, nothing has been decided.

Here's to hoping John McCain can pull a rabbit out of his hat and pull off one of the biggest comebacks in history!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Final Presidential Debate...

It's do or die tonight, for Senator McCain!!

Hit Obama and hit him HARD and OFTEN, and win this all-important, final debate, tonight...

McCain trails by 4-8 points in most national polls, and trails by a few points in almost ALL of the Battleground State polls. But it isn't over yet, and there is still time to hammer Obama on his associations and his Marxist philosophy!

McCain had better be ready and on his game tonight, or he will be in deep, DEEP TROUBLE!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Even the SENIORS are now going at it!


Talk about a divided nation! You know when the elderly are physically brawling, this country is ready to erupt...

ACORN Tries to Register Mickey Mouse!

It would be hysterical, if this far-left, sinister organization wasn't so damn DANGEROUS!!!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Liberal Outrage in Manhattan


Just an interesting video, displaying the typical "tolerance" of the far-left and liberals in NYC, during a pro-McCain march...

Race Tightens in Gallup Poll

In the 3-day Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, the race narrowed a little bit, with Obama leading 50-43, although the likely voters are now 50 to 46.

Still not good for McCain's chances though, seeing Obama hitting 50 points in the Gallup Poll, but at least the attacks linking Obama to William Ayers and questioning Obama's judgement seems to have had an effect...


Anything can happen though, and if McCain keeps Obama on the DEFENSIVE, the polling data should tighten even more. McCain will also have one more opportunity to knock Obama off his game, on Wednesday, as the two will debate for the 3rd and final time.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New McCain Ad Focusing on Obama and Ayers


Apparently, this ad will be edited down to about 30 seconds, and played in Battle-Ground States...


Pollster: Don't Believe the Dem Hype!


Zogby doesn't buy the hype, that Obama has the election in the bag!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Zogby's Poll Obama Leads 47% - 45%...

Apparently, the race is tightening...

Although I'm not sure if this 3-day tracking poll takes last night's debate into account, it didn't seem like either candidate really delivered a decisive blow, so I wouldn't expect Zogby's numbers to change too significantly over the next few days, unless something major happens, in the news.. .

Thus, maybe this election WILL come down to the wire, after all.


CBS Post Debate Poll

** Just a real quick update... A CBS Post-Debate Poll had Obama wining 39% to 27% for McCain, with 35% Undecided...

Interesting result, as I'd actually expect the CBS Poll to be tilted to the left, and if 35% of the voters were undecided in whom they thought won the debate, then McCain still has a shot!

There's one more debate on October 15th (next Wednesday) from Hempstead, NY.

Debate - Round 2... A Bit Boring... But McCain Wins It!

Well, I was honestly hoping for a LESS BORING DEBATE, than what I saw last night, but I thought it was clearly another example of McCain having so much more experience than Barack Obama, who is clearly over matched in that department.

McCain didn't attack Obama with references to judgement calls, such as affiliations with losers like Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko. Instead he attacked Obama's "tax plan" and "bad judgement" on "The Surge"...

I thought McCain won the debate, but Obama was slick, calm and cool once again (as he obviously has a distinct skill, and an advantage in that department), but I'm not sure McCain got any clear KO-Punches, which some folks think he may have needed, since he's trailing Obama in the National Polls and in many Battle-Ground State Polls.

Again, I look to the fact you have two choices in this election. One is experienced and clearly qualified to lead and the other doesn't have a SINGLE QUALIFICATION THAT CAN ASSURE US, HE'S READY T BE PRESIDENT!

We can look at the debates and the issues and all the media coverage (which sometimes resembles a circus - especially, since most of the media is in the tank for Obama), but the choice can't be any more clear - Barack Obama is NOT ready to lead. I wouldn't even trust Barack Obama to lead a Cub Scout Troop, let alone lead this NATION!

www.drudgereport.com has some more info and details on the debate, and a poll you can participate in...

Presidential Debate - ROUND 2

Tonight at 9PM, in a "Town Hall" style format, the 2 candidates will do battle once again...

I have a feeling there may be a few more fireworks, in tonight's debate, than in the first. McCain needs to come out swinging and hit Obama HARD!

Anti-Obama Author (Corsi) Detained in Kenya


An interesting story developing this morning...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Some More Info to Share, on Obama...

Please take a few minutes to do your part and educate yourselves and anyone you possibly can - on the mysterious man who virtually came out of nowhere, named Barack Hussein Obama.

A man, whom I believe could become the most dangerous man on the planet. Some think he already is!

Forward this info on and let's at least fight for our nation's survival - instead of letting Obama win this election, which in my opinion, would easily divide this nation like it hasn't been divided since 1861!




McCain Calls Obama a LIAR!



It's about TIME John McCain takes off the gloves (like Governor Palin has, over the past few days)...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Military Backing McCain, 68% to 23% (9% undecided)

At least our troops know the deal!


Another Interesting "Pro" Obama Video...


So is this supposed to be the NEW GENERATION OF BLACK PANTHERS, or is this more like the NEW GENERATION OF THE HITLER YOUTH????

Is it me, or are the cult-like, hypnotic followers of Barack Obama becoming more and more alarming???

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Palin Takes the Gloves OFF!!


Now McCain needs to follow suit, and start HAMMERING Obama, on Ayers, Rezko, REV. WRIGHT and on all the other piss-poor judgement calls the Senator has made!

The time for playing nice is OVER!!

This is for the FUTURE of our country!!!

Step up to the plate McCain, and kick the crap out of this JUNIOR SENATOR from Illinois, who doesn't have a shred of qualifications, that justify his being elected to the presidency!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Significant "Focus Group" Clip of the VP Debate

This is an interesting video clip, of undecided voters, who actually broke right down the middle, between Bush and Kerry in '04...


If this is an indicator and a microcosm of American independent voters, there should definitely be a shift in the polls, over the next few days...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin... Extremely Solid... Gives a GREAT PERFORMANCE!!!

Excellent job by Palin!!

Going up against a savvy veteran, like Biden, and the Alaskan Governor not only completely held her own, but in my opinion (probably biased, since I'm voting for McCain), Palin WON that debate...

Now, the all-important independent vote, is who really needed to be swayed tonight, and in trying to put myself in their shoes, it'd be hard to think Palin wasn't solid, tonight. But she was actually BRILLIANT on a HUMAN, DC-OUTSIDER level, and that is what you'd expect the majority of the American People WANT!!!

So, as I type this, the spin-rooms are spinning (on both sides), and the pundits on MSNBC (yes, I actually force myself to STOMACH those left-wing loons, because it's extremely entertaining to watch) are clearly panicked! Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Andrea Mitchell aren't exactly sure what to think. I guess they were expecting an "EPIC FAIL", and instead saw a tremendous performance, by Governor Palin. Pat Buchanon, the lone voice of reason on the FAR-LEFT, IN-THE-TANK-FOR-OBAMA, MSNBC, clearly stated that not only did Palin win the debate, but they all KNEW she won the debate, and were spinning, spinning, spinning...

I have to be honest, I was pretty nervous heading into the debate tonight, but Palin really came through. I don't know if McCain can pull off this election, but he was certainly HELPED, not HURT, tonight!

Now it's up to America, to wake the hell up and vote for McCain / Palin, on November 4th!

O'Reilly DESTROYS Barney Frank!


O'Reilly, on the Factor tonight, completely hammered Barney Frank (Head of the House Banking Committee)...

O'Reilly was fired up, like the OLD Bill O'Reilly used to get, and I'm glad he gave it to the Democratic Congressman, from Massachusetts.

Barney Frank was blaming EVERYONE but himself for the economic crisis, and of course, Barney thought it was Bush's fault, at the top of the ladder. Frank tried to blather about this and that, and tried to spin, spin, spin his way out of an inescapable situation. It didn't work!

A+ for Bill tonight and hopefully, he stays this fired up and energetic from now, until he finally retires...

VP DEBATE TONIGHT!!! (9PM - Eastern)

Tonight's VP Debate could be a "MAKE OR BREAK" moment for John McCain's Presidential hopes.

Palin needs to be herself, and just roll with it, instead of trying to do or say too much, as she did in the Katie Couric interview, last week.

I blame the McCain Campaign for basically tying the Governor up in knots, over what to say or NOT to say, and Sarah has been thinking WAY TOO MUCH, instead of just flowing with the questions she's been asked, and saying how she really feels about things.

Just answer the question and move on. Don't say too much!!! That's the advice I'd give the governor tonight. Act like you know about the issues, but don't be afraid to give a concise answer, if necessary.

Also, don't be afraid to bring up Joe Biden's political failures of the past. Biden voted AGAINST the First Gulf War, then voted FOR the current war in Iraq, but voted AGAINST the SURGE, which has clearly worked and turned things around there.

These are key points, and they need to be brought to the forefront!

Good luck to Sarah tonight. If she holds her own, McCain will be right back in the race. Should she fail miserably in the eyes of the American People, it could be DISASTROUS for McCain's hopes!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Very Eerie Video...

I'm not sure if this video reminds me more of Kim Jong il's "Dear Leader" status in North Korea, or the hypnotized "Hitler Youth"...

Scary stuff!!

But like I've been saying, if the majority of this country votes for this "unqualified, empty suit", then they deserve EVERYTHING they get! I will not sympathize with such stupidity, nor will I respect such ignorance...


Debate Moderator is Pro Obama???

So this morning, I find out tomorrow night's VP-Debate Moderator, Gwen Ifill, has a pro-Obama BOOK, to be released on Inauguration Day... Wonderful! There won't be any bias there, nah...

Then again, should any of us really be SURPRISED at this point, considering about 80% of the news media is heavily in the tank for Obama??


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

Barney, the JACKASS!!!

Just a quick note -- I heard on a replay of Hannity and Colmes, that several of the Democrats on BARNEY FRANK'S OWN COMMITTEE, VOTED AGAINST THE BAIL-OUT BILL!

Yet, there was good ol' Barney, blaming the Republicans for killing the House Bill...

On the "jackass" scale of 1-10, Barney gets a 12!

- 777

So the DOW closed down 777 points!!

The Democrats are blaming the House Republicans, for the "Bail Out Bill" failing, but NINETY FIVE DEMOCRATS VOTED AGAINST THE BILL!!!

So basically, if all of those Dems voted FOR the bill, it would have PASSED!!

Yet, good ol' Barney Frank (who without question, shares responsibility for this mess) starts blathering about how it's all the Republicans' fault, and blah, blah, blah... Left-wing shrills, MSNBC, seems to be repeating those talking points.

House Speaker, Pelosi, Frank, Harry Reid and Chris Dodd may be among the dumbest of the DUMB! There's enough blame to go around for this crisis, but I find myself questioning the sanity of these Democrats... I really do!

Then again, with half the country seemingly in Obama's corner, maybe it's time to question the sanity of half of America...

The Volatility Continues...

As I right these words, the DOW is down 521 points... Earlier, it went as low as 700 POINTS!!

The inability of the House law makers to pass the "bail out" bill seems to have Wall Street in a PANIC!!

Most House Democrats are for the bill, but at least 91 are still against it's passing, while a majority of Republicans are against it, as well... The bill currently needs another 11 votes to PASS!

I'm tied up in knots myself, because while I fear a depression could be possible, if this bill doesn't pass and Wall Street collapses, I am utterly and completely AGAINST SOCIALISM!!! I am also against letting these crooks off the hook, and bailing their asses out, with a bank check. I am with Newt Gingrich, and am much more for a "WORK OUT" rather than a bail out!

Apparently, Pelosi said some really stupid things (like THAT'S a surprise), and with 94 Dems voting AGAINST the bill in the House, it obviously has more than enough bi-partisan opponents.

This is a tough one, and hopefully, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel...

Stay tuned!

*** Note, the VP Debate is Thursday night at 9PM.

Obama's Lead Gaining in the Polls

Despite a strong showing by John McCain, especially on the foreign policy segment of last week's debate, Barack Obama is gaining ground in the polls, and at http://www.realclearpolitics.com/ you can see the evidence.

Conventional wisdom is the worse the economy does, the more it favors Obama, although in my opinion, that's just proof of the simple minded American people, who actually think an Obama Presidency would HELP our economy. Unless the Senator from Illinois changes his tax positions and plans on cutting several of his proposed programs, that clearly isn't going to happen!

Now, you can read into the polls what you want, and the national polls mean little, when compared to the "battleground state" polls (as states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Florida are the key to winning the election)... But McCain is in a bit of trouble, due to both the economic crisis and also due to the fact Palin simply NEEDS more exposure!

We'll see how the Governor of Alaska does during her debate with Joe Biden, on Tuesday. But a dismal performance by Palin could be a knock-out blow to McCain, since he already trails in almost all of the polls...

Remember - the American people don't always choose the right candidate. There's plenty of evidence to back that statement up. But regardless, McCain needs to put the pedal to the metal, and get some momentum back quickly, or we may be in for a rude awakening on November 5th.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain Wins First Debate...

I was honestly trying to be as "objective" as possible, while watching the first debate last night. In 2004, I was heavily in the corner of George Bush, and yet I thought John Kerry really whooped him. I honestly thought Bush looked frazzled and angry, and didn't perform well at all...

Last night, I thought McCain won the debate, handily! I considered the economic portion of the debate a tie, but when the exchange hit the topic of foreign policy, Obama was clearly the student and McCain the professor!

John McCain used his vast experience to name many foreign leaders he'd actually met with, and explained how he was much more knowledgeable than Senator Obama, on topics such as Georgia and Afghanistan, because he'd actually been there (and thus, knew the situation on the ground and how to deal with it).

McCain also HAMMERED Obama on Iraq, and explained how if we followed Obama's plan of a time-table for withdrawal, we'd have clearly LOST the war, and the country would be a haven for Al-Qaeda, and the terrorist organization would be that much stronger, with bases in Iraq.

Obama looked flustered and angry at times, and seemed to be on the DEFENSIVE most of the evening, which is usually a clear indicator of who's winning and losing a debate (if you're on the defensive, you're usually LOSING!)...

Again, in trying to be unbiased, because I already know whom I'm voting for and I'm just trying to figure out how an independent voter would read into the debate - I'd honestly have to grade McCain an "A" and Obama a "C"... The beginning half (the economic crisis) seemed again, to be a tie, although a clear victory within that half for McCain, was when Obama was asked what programs he'd have to cut, due to the price of the "bail out", and Obama not only couldn't think of anything specific, but actually added MORE SPENDING PROGRAMS - while McCain immediately said he'd cut ALL spending, aside from defense, veterans affairs, and only the utmost of crucial bills.

Bottom line - McCain won this debate, without a doubt in my mind... Some may think Obama held his own, and some Democrats think that's a "win" for Obama, but I totally disagree. The polls are pretty tight still, and I think the average independent voter would view the debate as a McCain victory. It's hard for me to see anyone that hasn't made up their mind yet, being comfortable in this dangerous time, voting for the "new-guy" in Barack Obama.

I think if Obama is tied in the polls with McCain or even slightly ahead come election day, it's actually a problem for the Senator form Illinois, as I'm willing to bet many people (once they get inside that enclosed booth) are going with their gut, and going for McCain. I think in order for Obama to be victorious, he needs to be ahead by at least 5-7 points, in the national polls, and 3-4 points ahead in the all-important battle ground states.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Game On! (The First Debate)

So, McCain and Obama are headed to Mississippi as I type these words, and we will have our first Presidential Debate, after all...

McCain showed some true leadership, by postponing his campaign for a few days, in order to try and get EVERYONE together, to solve this economic crisis. Some flash polls showed McCain gaining a few points, for that decision.

Obama, whom at first said "If you need me, call me" (a huge mistake, in my opinion), also went to Washington and assisted in this "bail-out" that has all of us tax payers paying the bill. Nice!

I reluctantly am for the bail out though, simply because I don't think it would be helpful to enter a full-scale DEPRESSION, at this time (which would and will clearly happen if the economy tanks and the foreign investors pull-out!).

It appears our government will reach an agreement either today, or by Monday, and hopefully, the market will rebound...

But the debate is ON, and will begin at 9PM, EST. Stay tuned, for it should be a good one!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama Swings back in National Polls Lead...

The tide has seemed to turn once again towards Senator Obama, after last week's financial crisis. Now http://www.realclearpolitics.com/ has Obama in the lead by a few points, throughout their average of nationwide polls... Real Clear Politics is a great, unbiased sit, that takes the average of all the significant polls...

However, the all-important "Battle Ground State" polls show a very tight, split race, with the following breakdown...

Obama +4.0

McCain +1.6

McCain +2.0

Obama +2.5

Obama +3.7

McCain +0.8

Bottom line is although Obama has started to open up a bit of a national lead, the battle ground states are still very tight... The debates could make or break either candidate, and the first debate is this Friday night at 9Pm, from the University of Mississippi.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some funnies you'll never see in the NY Times...

Just received these cartoons via email... I thought they were pretty damn funny, so I figured I'd post them for you!

Monday, September 22, 2008

43 Days to go...

Only 43 days left, until election day, and we have our first debate this Friday night.

At this point, you'd think most folks already know who they're voting for (and most of them do), but there is still a small, but significant percentage of people still on the fence. Those folks are going to be paying close attention to these 4 debates (3 for the presidential nominees and 1 for the potential VP's).

So it's going to be an interesting last 43 days, as anything can happen within politics (and we're finding that out throughout this historic campaign).

McCain needs to stay away from his "gaffes"; Obama needs to persuade those Democrats that are "luke-warm" on him and those independents not yet in his corner; Biden needs to watch HIS gaffes as well, and definitely needs to be respectful to Palin (but also has to expose her for what the Democrats think are her weaknesses); and Palin needs to stay strong and confident and really show that she's ready to step into the VP role, and even possibly be President, should the situation call for it.

Stay tuned... The roller coaster ride is just getting started!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Roller-Coaster on Wall Street!

So, after one of the craziest weeks on Wall Street we've ever seen, the DOW remains UP 40 points over the past month... Doesn't quite sound as "gloom and doom" as the media would let you believe, huh?

Don't get me wrong, there's obviously a ton of problems, when Barney Frank (Democratic Head of the Housing Committee) oversees thousands of loans, to people who were in no position to pay them back (Barney was more interested in the though of "EVERYONE has a RIGHT to a home, which is garbage)... But Frank and the others (he's not alone in this mess) didn't notice or care about the warning signs, they just went along with business as usual, and here we are, with one of the biggest government bail outs EVER! And who gets stuck with the bill??? You, me and the American TAXPAYERS!!!!

Nice! I guess as long as we all sing kumbaya, and give everybody the benefits and entitlements of our society, all will be well, right? WRONG!

Now there's plenty of blame to go around, so I won't just throw it all on good ol' Barney. The SEC Head could've and should've done his job and even President Bush should've been on top of things, warning us all and looking out for the people, when these companies were acting so foolishly! But regardless, we the taxpayers must now bail these guys out...

So, as we edge a little closer to SOCIALISM, Barack Obama and Joe Biden (who now says it's PATRIOTIC to pay higher taxes, if you're rich *you'd think maybe he'd realize the rich already pay a higher percentage of taxes*), keep rolling out the same plan of higher taxes on the rich and small businesses, which would somehow be good for our economy. They would like to send EVERYONE who makes under 40K a year a check for maybe a grand or even more... That sounds like true capitalism, no? *LOL*

It is simply amazing, what the Dems will roll out, as serious plans to fix our economy... Who cares if the guy or gal earning less than 40K a year has a serious drug problem, or is lazy, or just basically wants Uncle Sam to always fit the bill - the Democrats will TAKE MONEY FROM THE RICH, AND GIVE IT TO THEM! The Dems think EVERYONE has a RIGHT to health care, and a RIGHT to home ownership... Excuse me, but I didn't see that statement anywhere in our beloved Constitution, do you???

Health care and home ownership is a PRIVILEGE! Yes, I totally agree, that children, people with "special needs" and the elderly NEED to be taken care of. And I understand, many insurance companies are charging insane rates! Believe me, as a self-employed small business owner, I feel it! Big time!!

But our country cannot afford nationalized health care and it's obvious now, when you take the position everyone is entitled to a loan, so they can get the house of their dreams, we get into trouble.

Our capitalistic society needs strict oversight, in certain areas. We can't have these greedy CEO's walking away with millions, wile we, the American Taxpayer, get stuck with the bill, when Fannie and Freddy collapse. Anything (even capitalism) in an unfettered state is doomed. So while we definitely need Government oversight, to prevent stupid loans, and price gouging (when it comes to oil companies), what we do NOT need, is the free-market taken away from us. The far-left and many liberals would LOVE a socialistic society, where EVERYONE is taken care of, regardless of their ambitions, and their success. Nope, that may be the answer for Russia, and France (and when you can think of ONE thriving socialistic society, please let me know!), but it's not going to fly here in the states.

Unless, maybe Barack Obama is elected to office. Then we may as well become the Socialist States of America.

The bottom line, is I definitely want a President, who is unafraid to challenge the "old boys" and the "fat cats", and from what I've seen of John McCain and Sarah Palin, they seem to be the ones to do it! They have a record of it...

I haven't seen a single thread of evidence, of Obama ever taking on his own party. What I have seen, is a dramatic rise to power by Barack, when he does whatever the left and the far-left tell him to... That's pretty scary, no?

I want a President who will offer real solutions, and have a solid staff of advisers, which I think would be the case - if say, McCain selected Mitt Romney to head the Treasury, and perhaps Joe Lieberman (a bi-partisan DEMOCRAT) to be Secretary of State. Add Rudy Giuliani to the mix (a Moderate-Republican), and you have a very able bodied staff, ready for the challenges this country will face over the next several years...

What do you think the Obama staff will look like? Would that not be the biggest joke, since Slick Willy Clinton appointed folks, like Janet Reno and Madeleine Albrecht??

Think about it folks. While the sky isn't falling yet, these are difficult times, and we need people that offer actual SOLUTIONS, and not just "change"... Some change can be extremely dangerous, unless of course, you wish to see your beloved country take a sharp left turn, before your very eyes!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DOW down again!

Wow, at this point in the day the DOW is down 359 points... Not a time to panic, but definitely cause for some concern...

You look at the recent economic developments, and Obama's thinking it'll be wise to RAISE TAXES??? How the hell would that honestly HELP our economy???

Even if Obama (as he claims) would raise taxes on the top 5% of the country, or those making over 250K a year (which includes almost ALL small business owners), it would simply cripple our economy! Small business owners would begin cutting back, and / or closing up shop, and the domino effect of that could be devastating.

Add to that a raise in the Capital Gains Tax and you'll have tons of investors pulling out of the market. I would!

So, unless Obama does a 180 degree turn, we're in for some scary times, should he win the presidency...

I have to think Barack Obama is smart enough (he seems like a bright guy) to understand the implications of tax hikes, during times when the economy is clearly struggling. But do I know that for a fact?? Do you???

Prominent Clinton Backer and DNC Member to Back McCain!


Interesting... Hopefully, this brings even more PUMA's (Party Unity My A**) to McCain's side!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hannity to Interview Palin

Sean Hannity will be interviewing Governor Palin, which will be shown in 2-parts, on Wednesday and Thursday on "Hannity and Colmes" (9PM - Fox News Channel).


Monday, September 15, 2008

Liberals in Panic Mode!

So, I return from New York last night, and I was able to watch a re-run of the latest "Real Time With Bill Maher" episode... It was absolutely HYSTERICAL, to see the far-left, Jeanine Garofalo, along with Bill and Roseanne Barr, quite hysterical, over the Sarah Palin effect...

Jeanine at one point actually said that Democrats in general are more DECENT than Republicans. How funny is that??? She also proceeded to babble a bunch of bunk (as usual), and it was pretty comical and extremely entertaining.

Rosanne blathered a bunch of bunk as well, and the poor Wall Street Journal reporter was outnumbered 4 to 1 (Salmon Rushdie was also there, shilling for the Dems)... I give the reporter credit though (I forget his name), as he stood his ground, and made some solid points, backed up by... GET THIS... FACTS!!!

Bill Maher and his "panel" were short on facts, as usual, but the far-left batty crowd roared in approval, every time they bashed McCain and especially, Palin.

Then I heard about a Saturday Night Live clip, from their season opener on September 13. Apparently Tina Fey played "Sarah", and they poked some fun at her and Hillary...

I'm all about making fun of EVERYONE on BOTH sides of the political spectrum (my friends can back me up on that), but I have a feeling if the press and the late-night comedians keep hammering Governor Palin, it's going to continue to backfire and McCain's poll numbers will increase. It seems the media and the celebrities just can't seem to help themselves, and they are in such a panic over the possibility of Vice President, Palin, they just continue to attack her and try to demonize her in any way, shape or form!

Stay tuned, and we'll see what happens in November. At this point, I still think the election is a 50/50 toss up, and I'd be afraid to bet on a winner.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Away for the Weekend...

I'll resume blogging on Monday (hopefully), although I'll be running around the next few days, like a chicken without a head...

"Happy Hour" late afternoon, then a KIX concert tonight, followed by a fight to NY tomorrow to hang with my buds, and then returning Sunday night, late.

Then it's off to see my beloved NY Mets play the Washington Nationals, on Monday...

I should be back with updates, etc, on Monday, but if not, then by Tuesday.

Interesting Intrade Numbers

You can take what you want from this, but the odds-makers at Intrade have McCain as the favorite now, to win the '08 election...


Thanks to http://www.realclearpolitics.com/, which is a very good, unbiased site, of an average of nationwide, state and other polls...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Democrats on Capitol Hill Fear Republican Momentum

Here's an interesting article, on some Democrats' fears of Obama's recent slip, in the polls, and the momentum Sarah Palin has injected into the country...


Gibson's Interview With Palin (ABC)

Snippets of the first major interview of Governor Palin, since the announcement of her as the Vice Presidential running mate of John McCain, can be seen on youtube, abcnews.go.com and other outlets... Fox News, CNN and MSNBC (aka, the Obama Network) also showed a few different clips, from the exchange.

In a nutshell, Palin held her own and did VERY well, and Gibson at times (at least to ME), appeared to be a bit condescending.

When asked about Israel's potential strike on Iran, she said "We cannot second guess the steps that Israel has to take to defend itself". (I absolutely AGREE with her 100%) In my opinion, and the opinion of most rational folks (including Barack Obama), it is simply UNACCEPTABLE for Iran to obtain and possess nuclear weapons. If Israel strikes Iran, I will be with them all the way!!

Gibson tried to catch Palin, on her religious views as well, asking her about a comment she had made, stating that the Iraq War was "a task from God". Palin stated "That’s a repeat of Abraham Lincoln’s words, when he said, never presume to know what God’s will is, and I would never presume to know God’s will or to speak god’s words - but what Abraham Lincoln had said, was let us not pray that God is on our side, in a war, or any other time. But let us pray that we are on God’s side. That’s what that comment was all about, Charlie.

Also, Charles Gibson asked Governor Palin what she thought of Georgia and the Ukraine joining NATO. Palin agreed with the two former Soviet Republics being accepted into NATO, and defending using force to defend them, should Russia show aggression once again, toward either.
She also said the United States must be "vigilant" about larger powers invading small democracies.

The liberal media was NOT happy about this, and in hysterics, some of the outlets were basically saying Palin called for war with Russia!! How ridiculous is that?? It's almost laughable how much the left truly FEARS this woman!

How do you think Ronald Reagan would have responded, if asked what he would do, had the Russians invaded POLAND, or another NATO member??? You think he'd pull an Obama, and ramble on for 20 minutes about diplomacy??? Peace through strength, folks... That's how it goes!

Gibson touched on the "Bush Doctrine" and tried to play a game of "gotcha", but Palin handled that question effectively as well, by saying "Charlie, if there is legitimate and enough intelligence and legitimate evidence, that tells us that a strike is imminent against American people, we have every right to defend our country"...

20/20 and Good Morning America will be showing some of the interview as well...

A transcript of the interview can be found here: http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/09/11/raw-data-palins-interview-with-abc-news/

9/11 Rememberance

Just taking a moment, to acknowledge the 7th Anniversary of the worst attack on American soil.

Personally, I think the majority of our country has returned to their pre-9/11 mindset, and that's a shame...

There is of course, a moron like Keith Olbermann trying to politicize that tragic day, and Keith's always attacking the Republicans, for paying tribute to the victims (ex: by showing a video during the RNC, last week). Of course, being on MSNBC, about 12 people probably saw Keith's "Special Comment", but I saw it on youtube, with a link from one the nutty left-wing sites...

Maybe the clips of 9/11 SHOULD be played every damn day! We can NEVER, EVER forget what those cowardly bastards did to our citizens, and returning to our ignorant pre-9/11 mindset, is extremely dangerous. It's not a Democrat or a Republican issue, it's an AMERICAN ISSUE!!

Whether or not you think President Bush dropped the ball on invading Iraq (although the entire WORLD was confident Saddam Hussein DID have weapons of mass destruction and was trying to obtain nuclear weapons), you simply HAVE to give President Bush a TON of CREDIT, for keeping us safe, SINCE 9/11! Period!! No argument there, at all...

Plus, we are now on the verge of VICTORY in Iraq (no thanks to Obama's vote AGAINST the Surge). Winning in Iraq and Afghanistan will deal a critical blow to Al Qaeda and terrorists abroad, and this country cannot afford to become complacent at this crucial time!

But it honestly shouldn't be a Liberal, Conservative, Democrat or Republican issue. Our nation's defense and protecting it's citizens should be a COMMON SENSE ISSUE!

Never forget that tragic day 7 years ago... NEVER!!!

My Summary of O'Reilly's Interiew With Obama

First of all, there's no doubt and can be no question, this was Barack Obama's toughest interview. Bill was direct, but very fair, but he also didn't let Obama wander off, like a typical politician would, had they been in a softball interview.

I actually feel a little better about Obama (believe it or not), after watching those 4 segments with O'Reilly. Don't get me wrong, I'm behind McCain 110%, but I feel at least that should Obama win the election, he won't be nearly as far-left as I had previously thought. Obama's left-wing supporters and the batty left-wing loony bloggers are as crazy as they come, but I think they are in for a very rude awakening, if they think this guy is going to be the ultra-liberal they think he'll be.

Now, Obama obviously has a very liberal voting record, but I agree with O'Reilly that he'd be more of the Bill Clinton type of "practical politician", basically reacting to the direction of the country, what his advisers tell him, etc... Should the economy continue to slip under an Obama Presidency, it'd be hard for me to think he'd raise taxes as much as he's planning. It would simply cripple us, and I have to give the Senator the benefit of the doubt, even if it's just due to him immediately easing on several of his positions, in a 30-minute interview with O'Reilly.

I think should Obama be elected, he'll move even more to the center, than he has during the Democratic Primary and this current campaign. Should he win the election and move further left, you'll see this country divided like it hasn't been, since 1861!

Of course, I still think it's quite urgent for our country to elect McCain and Palin, as there's no question, during a crisis situation, I'd rather have someone with the experience and resolve as John McCain, as opposed to the inexperience and lack of qualifications, such as Barack Obama.

Hopefully, if we survived 4 years under Jimmy Carter (arguably our WORST President ever), we could survive 4 years with Barack Obama. Then again, with Iran on the brink of a Nuclear Weapon, and with Russia beginning to flex it's muscles, the next 4 years could be critical.

Fasten your seat belts, because this has been an historical campaign and there's only about 7 1/2 weeks left!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Wolves Ad" by McCain...


Love it!

** Fred Thompson talked about this today, at the McCain Rally. Apparently, the Obama Campaign is on the ropes and trying to find whatever dirt they can, on Governor Palin...

And a Few Video Clips...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gZw-Dzk3bk (Congressman Davis Introduces Fred Thompson)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adXbIBUYr4w&feature=user (Cindy McCain Introduces Governor Palin)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLLpwVcjzhA&feature=user (Sarah Palin introduces Senator McCain)

Just a Few Pics From the Rally

Huge Turnout for McCain / Palin Rally in Fairfax, VA

You can put lipstick on a "community organizer", and it's STILL a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER!! Sorry, I heard that this morning, and had to throw that jab at Barack Obama, since it appears the gloves are off, now...

The McCain Rally this morning in Fairfax, Virginia, was spectacular! Thousands and thousands of people showed up (the Fire Marshall had the number at approx. 23,000), and the enthusiasm and energy was a sight to see! Congressman Tom Davis confirmed it was one of McCain's biggest turnouts for a rally during the campaign.

Senator McCain sounded powerful and clearly reinvigorated, and Governor Palin was magnificent.

The McCain supporters (Republicans, Independents and yes, even some Democrats) were pumped! In fact, a former Hillary supporter and outspoken feminist (I have no clue what the heck her name is) really hit Obama hard, and got the place rockin' early...

Special Guest, Fred Thomspon gave a great speech as well, and introduced the Presidential and Vice Presidential Nominees.The folks were truly charged up and Van Dyke Park (Fairfax City) was absolutely ROCKIN'!!!

It was also great to see many younger voters on hand, as there may be some hope for this country, after all :)

** Like I've said before, this election shouldn't even be close!!! Believe me, I have more than my share of issues with George Bush and the Republican Party, but the experience, character and resolve of John McCain simply cannot be questioned - and when compared to Barack Obama, it's a no-brainer. At this point in time, an Obama Presidency, with a Democratic Majority in Congress, would be disastrous for this nation.

I'm also still waiting to hear about what makes Barack Obama qualified to be President of the United States... For some reason, I hear crickets, whenever I ask that question. In fact, Palin, at the bottom of the Republican ticket, has more experience (and a much better quality of experience) than Obama does, at the TOP of the Democrat ticket.

McCain / Palin '08!!! COUNTRY FIRST!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is this what Barack Hussein Obama meant, when he talked about the lipstick and the pig???

O'Reilly-Obama - Part 3

Here's a clip of part-3, of O'Reilly's interview with Obama... This section deals with Obama's questionable associations...


Part-4 (the final part) is tomorrow.

One thing can be said, and that's whether you agree with Obama or disagree with him, it's clear O'Reilly was the professor and Obama was the student, here...

Obama Calls Palin a.... PIG???

Well, it's going to be pretty interesting to see how THIS plays out in the media (IF THEY EVER COVER IT!)


I'm sure (at least I would HOPE) Obama was referring to the "change" McCain and Palin are talking about, being like the "PIG" - but regardless, if the American Public, or at LEAST the American women think Obama is insulting PALIN, then you may want to stick a fork in Mr. Obama.

And for the record, I've thought this was going to be a damn close election, for quite some time now... A lot may depend on Obama's latest gaffe!

** The McCain Campaign has responded immediately, to this latest development...

O'Reilly vs Obama, Part-3

Tonight, on the O'Reilly Factor, you'll see Part-3 of the O'Reilly interview of Obama. It should be another lively debate, as they cover Obama's questionable "associations", including William Ayers, Rev. Wright, etc...

I think whether you like Obama or dislike Obama, it was a wise decision for him to appear with O'Reilly, as the folks will get to clearly learn much more about him. There's no doubt, NOBODY will ask him the tough questions, like Bill.


** I think it would be wise for Palin to appear on the Factor as well, since it will show Americans that she's unafraid of some tough questions, as well...

McCain Now Winning Majority of Independents!


More good news for the McCain / Palin ticket, as the momentum is clearly theirs...

Monday, September 8, 2008

McCain and Palin Rally, in Fairfax!

Just found out from my Step-Sister that McCain and Palin will be in Fairfax, VA, on Wednesday morning, September 10.

I will be there!!!

You can get a ticket at http://www.johnmccain.com/ under "events"...


O'Reilly's Interview with Obama (Part-2)

I knew Bill wouldn't let us down, and he gave a solid (but fair) second part of his interview with the Illinois Senator, tonight. The interview had taken place last Thursday, but will be aired in two more parts, tomorrow and Wednesday.

Tonight, the subject was Domestic Policy and TAXES!

Bill came at Barack with some tough questions and Obama did his best "Slick Willy" impersonation, by slickly dodging and weaving, and even LOWERING his tax percentage at one point, to the area O'Reilly had suggested. Maybe Obama should hire O'Reilly as an advisor, and if he did, he'd probably get my vote :P

My Brother had called me after the interview, and made a great observation, saying "it was clear, that Bill was the PROFESSOR, and Barack was the STUDENT, during the conversation"... Agreed!

Anyway, it was a very entertaining interview to say the least, and it's probably only going to get livelier tomorrow night, as the two will cover the "associations" topic, including terrorist, William Ayers.

I'm anticipating another great segment!

** For those who don't get cable, I'm sure youtube will have the clips, and after all 4 segments, I bet O'Reilly will put the interview in it's entirety on Billoreilly.com

Obama Blowing With the Wind.... Again!!


Now says he may DELAY the Bush tax-cuts... Funny, how Barack Hussein Obama always seems to change or ALTER his positions, when he takes a hit in the polls...

More Good News for McCain!


According the USA Today poll, McCain has also gone ahead of Barack Obama among likely voters, by TEN POINTS! Well above the margin of error and very significant.

There's still about 8 weeks to go, and the debates may be critical, but this is good news for McCain, who has trailed behind Obama, for several months.

Are Americans finally waking up???

Let's hope so!

More news, here...


Sunday, September 7, 2008

McCain Moves Ahead in Gallup Poll

This has been an interesting race (one can only imagine why, with Obama's lack of qualifications and poor judgement in friends and associates), but it seems to be getting even more interesting, as Gallup now has McCain ahead in their daily poll...


It's probably going to be a close race either way (again, I'm stunned), because sometimes the polls get it wrong, as the exit polls did in '04, when they predicted a Kerry victory on election day.

McCain should easily defeat Obama, but there are very many confused, or simply ignorant Americans out there, unfortunately...

Interesting Gaffe, by Obama


Now, in the interest of fairness, apparently Obama corrected himself, and said "I mean, my CHRISTIAN faith, but the Obama Campaign and the liberal-media love to take advantage of gaffes by John McCain... Sooooo, what's good for the goose, etc, etc, etc..

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Oprah Winfrey said she would LOVE to have Sarah Palin on her show "AFTER the Campaign is over." What a surprise...

Oprah can be quoted as saying, “I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates”, although Barack Obama has been on the show, and she's obviously been actively campaigning for Obama. Very Interesting!

Apparently, Oprah is getting quite a significant backlash from many of her viewers, as freerepublic.com pointed out.

From Drudgereport.com, "Oprah's staff is sharply divided on the merits of booking Sarah Palin, sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT."Half of her staff really wants Sarah Palin on," an insider explains. "Oprah's website is getting tons of requests to put her on, but Oprah and a couple of her top people are adamantly against it because of Obama."One executive close to Winfrey is warning any Palin ban could ignite a dramatic backlash!

*So, in honor of Oprah's clear bias towards LIBERALS, and against Sarah Palin (and even against Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas - whom she refused to have on her show, when he was promoting his book), I simply had to post that hysterical picture I found, at freerepublic.com.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

One word... Powerful!!

I've seen some significant speeches, and have heard about some remarkable speeches, before my time... But this acceptance speech by John McCain, was as patriotic and as powerful, as one you may ever hear! I know it's one of the best I've ever heard!

It may not have had the Styrofoam columns (thanks Sarah) or the glitz and glamor (rockstar appeal) of an Obama speech, but it was an AMERICAN SPEECH and it was magnificent! I honestly don't want a rock-star for a President. I want a problem solver, with experience, patriotism, and an immeasurable love of their country!

The experience and character of this man simply cannot be questioned! The toughness, the grit, the determination, the humility... you name it, McCain HAS IT!

This is a Senator, whom I strongly disagree with on certain important issues, including and especially immigration, for which I stand firm on my position. But I would be willing to give my life in a second for a patriotic American like that, and I am without a doubt, giving him my vote!

I watched Barack Obama earlier, on the O'Reilly Factor, REFUSE to accept the fact he was WRONG, on the Surge in Iraq, which now has secured the country, and has us on the brink of victory. Then a few hours later, I saw John McCain admit he's an IMPERFECT POLITICIAN. Clear difference in character? I think so!

McCain nailed specifics about why it's more important to tackle health care in a way that makes sense, and gives people choices, whether they have families, work for small businesses, whatever the situation - rather than a FORCED, BUREAUCRATIC umbrella of NATIONALIZED HEALTH CARE, which is Senator Obama's plan. I for one, do NOT want my government controlling health care, and I really don't feel like waiting 3, 6 or 9 months to see a physician... Not to mention our country simply CANNOT AFFORD IT!!!

He also explained why LOWERING taxes assists in rebuilding the economy and helps small businesses, while raising them across the board (again, an Obama plan) will only cripple our economy. America was founded on the desire to be FREE and our Founding Fathers helped create the most ambitious country of all time!! Let's keep it that way, and steer clear of Marxism and Socialism, which is clearly where Obama wants to take us.

It was indeed a very powerful, nonpartisan speech, and I will never forget it!

I simply cannot understand how a person could honestly vote for Senator Obama, on November 4th! The choice is crystal clear.

Wake the hell up, get the hell out and tell everyone you know to Vote MCCAIN / PALIN in '08!


Does this picture NOT sum up the liberals today, after Sarah Palin's brilliant speech???

Sarah's Teleprompter Malfunctions...

So basically, Sarah had to wing much of the speech.

This woman is GOOD!!


(MSNBC even reported this as well, last night)

The Media Reacts...

Watching MSNBC last night was a real treat, as some Liberals were obviously in Panic Mode, not knowing exactly HOW how to react to the brilliant speech, given by Governor Palin.

So analysts (such as far-left nuts) like Rachel Maddow (Air America Radio) and Eugene Robinson (Washington Post) and even the supposedly un-biased (yeah, right!) Nora O'Donnell, repeated the tone, that though the speech while given very well, may have been too "mean-spirited" and "sarcastic".

The most unprofessional analyst in the business (and perhaps of all time), Keith Olbermann, thought they did a good job of mocking Community Organizers everywhere (I thought they instead clearly mocked the press and Obama's qualifications, but who am I to actually see through MSNBC's spin!). I'm willing to bet MANY Americans will find it very difficult to expect a "Community Organizer" with no other solid accomplishments or credentials, to be ready to LEAD!

Good ol' Campbell Brown on CNN (who never shills for Obama in any way, uh-huh!) said McCain definitely got her "attack dog".

But I guess that's what happens when you criticize Obama for not having any qualifications, which is a FACT and not a personal attack. You must either be a "racist", or you're just plain mean! Waaaaah! Baby Trig cries less...

I must give credit where it is due, and Tom Brokaw (of all people) concluded *"She could not have been more winning or engaging", while CNN's Wolf Blizter said, *"She really did hit it out of the park tonight not only here, but for millions of Americans watching across the country".

*From ABC's George Stephanopoulos, "There were a lot beautiful and effective lines in this speech. "She definitely gets an A...!"

*From USA-Today, under the headline "Palin Makes Landfall in St. Paul," said, "Looking confident and poised, she depicted herself as an independent-minded fiscal conservative, an advocate for special-needs children such as her son Trig -- and a critic of Obama."

*Excepts from US NEWS & WORLD REPORT at http://www.usnews.com/usnews/politics/bulletin/bulletin_080904.htm

I think the bottom line here, is the Republicans are now back on track and united, while the Democrats, who seemed in pretty good position to win this historic election, KNOW they are now in a FIGHT! They were hoping Palin would come off as a rookie, or perhaps a deer in the National Headlights.

They were wrong!!!

Now it's time for the American People to wake up...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Funny Bumper Sticker

Got a kick out of this bumper sticker I saw, at cafepress.com

Wow!!! Sarah Rocks America!!!

Unbelievable speech!!!

First Rudy TEARS into the "empty-suit" known as Barack Obama, and then Sarah Palin blows 'em away!

Could the choice for President seriously be ANY CLEARER???

Vets for Freedom

Caught an interesting site at http://www.vetsforfreedom.org/
, where our brave veterans wonder why Senator Obama is unwilling to "acknowledge America's successful strategy", and why Obama won't admit the SURGE HAS WORKED! *more on that, here*

Obama wants to keep reminding us of his stance against the Iraq War (for which he wasn't even a U.S. Senator at the time, and couldn't vote for the "authorized use of force", either way). But I find it very strange he won't admit the Surge has indeed worked.

Moveon.org, a leftwing-nutball organization called a great American hero, General David Petraeus, "Geneal BetrayUs". Since Moveon.org is responsible for a tremendous amount of campaign funding for Obama, why not denounce them and return the funds? Or is Barack Obama showing us his questionable or outright poor JUDGEMENT, by being on the same page as the FAR-LEFT???

Great Youtube Video on Palin!!


Another Clip of Newt on MSNBC

Here's another link of Newt's interview with the MSNBC reporter, with the smack-down coming at the end...


Newt's SmackDown of MSNBC!


Or if youtube takes it down, watch it here!


For some reason, youtube removed it, last night... Must be scary for the far-left to see stuff like this, on their OBAMA-NBC network!!

McCain: Palin more qualified than Obama

Thanks to Politico, for this one...


Looks like Hurricane Sarah truly hits St. Paul, tonight!!!

Barack Obama's Voting Record

Here's a great site, with Obama's complete voting record, during his short time in the U.S. Senate.

Seems like an interesting number of "NV" votes (meaning present, not voting or absent)...


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Barack Obama's Judgement...

Here's a very interesting ad that the Obama Campaign has been pretty concerned about. After viewng it, I can see why...

But, the Obama Campaign has been threatening legal action (I'm still trying to figure out why, and on what basis) against the stations playing this ad, and have also threatened lawsuits against the Sinclair Broadcast Group, which is airing the advertisement .

I find it interesting, that a campaign would actually try and silence the First Amendment Rights of a group, just as entitled to their FREEDOM OF SPEECH, as anyone else in this fine country of ours.

First the ad...


Then, more of the story can be found here, thanks to the RochesterConservative.com


Republicans Getting it Done!

The Republicans kicked some major butt tonight, at the RNC in Minnestoa!

Some of the best zingers of the evening, for those unable to watch:

"If the Hanoi Hilton could not break John McCain's spirit, the ANGRY LEFT NEVER WILL!" - G.W. Bush

"Apparently, they (The Democrats) believe he (Obama) would match up well with the history making, Democrat-controlled Congress. History making, because it's the least accomplished and most unpopular Congress, in our nation's history! Fred Thomspon

"Now, our opponents (the Dems) tell us not to worry about their tax increases... They tell you, they're not gonna tax YOUR family... Nooooo, they're just gonna tax businesses. Soooooo, unless you buy something from a business, like groceries, clothes or gasoline, or unless you get a paycheck from a business.. don't worry - it's not gonna affect you!" - Fred Thompson

Joe Lieberman was very impressive as well, explaining why "Country First" not "Party First", is the theme, this year!

Then I caught Newt Gingrich, in a moment I may leave on my DVR forever. Basically, Newt smacked down an MSNBC reporter, who asked him about Palin's lack of experience. It was PRICELESS!! Newt quickly and concisely pointed out that, with being a Mayor, and a Governor, who commands the Alaskan National Guard, and someone with the courage to take on the corruption of her own party, she easily surpasses Obama, in the experience and courage department. Newt then asked the reporter if he could name one of Obama's accomplishments, and he declined, with the look of a deer in the headlights...

I'd post the link, but youtube had quickly removed the clip, that a member had posted...

McCain / Palin '08!

Bush Nails It!

"If the Hanoi Hilton could not break John McCain, the ANGRY LEFT NEVER WILL!"

G.W. Bush 9/2/08

Enough said! :)