Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Little Halloween Humor...

More Obama LOVE for Socialism!

Yep, this may be the next PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!

And just think what we might be in for, with a Democratic Congress in both Houses, and someone as left as Obama, as our President...


Some Tough Questions for Biden

Apparently, the Obama Campaign was so angry about this interview, they "CUT-OFF" this TV Station from any further interviews...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Home Stretch is Upon us!

As we head into the final 2 weeks of this historic campaign, Obama still leads in all of the polls... Not good news for McCain and perhaps even WORSE news for Americans! has more info, and they are a very solid site, for unbiased averages of national and state polls.

It appears America is poised to actually elect a SOCIALIST to the White House. Obama doesn't even try to disguise his political ideology any longer either, with recent statements like we need to "spread the wealth around". Karl Marx would've been proud of such a statement!

But it seems McCain while pulling a little closer, just can't seem to convince too many independent Americans of the obvious.

While visiting some family and friends in New York, I tried to keep a tally of all the folks in favor of McCain and those favoring Obama. Of the family members I spoke to, it was a shutout 4-0, and when it came to my buddies back home, it was an even bigger shutout, with 7 people pulling strongly for McCain and ZERO for Obama...

I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise though, as most of the folks I am close with have all come from humble middle or lower working class backgrounds, and everybody had to EARN THEIR LIVING. No handouts or entitlements... We also learned from our parents about true American Values and we were all fortunate enough to learn in school about the dangers of socialism and the value of CAPITALISM! Oh yes, we also learned HOW GREAT OUR COUNTRY WAS AND IS!!!

I'm not even sure if they teach that any more, to be honest! They are probably too busy teaching our children about the Messiah, named Obama...

But it was still quite astounding, that 11 folks whom I discussed politics with, were ALL for MCCAIN, albeit in this clearly divided country.

So I'm left wondering -- Is it really the Democrats vs the Republicans? The Conservatives vs the Liberals?? The Left vs the Right? Or is it more of those with common sense (McCain backers) going up against those whom are either just plain DUMB, IGNORANT or BOTH???

When Obama blasts President Bush for his unfettered spending, and then a minute later explains how he is going to INCREASE SPENDING BIG TIME, is it only the clear-thinking folks in the minority that actually GET IT??

That's a scary thought and that fear may actually become a reality on November 5th, should McCain be unable to turn this election around!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Off to NY!

Well, it's time to catch another flight to Long Island...

I simply MUST see my beloved NY Rangers at the Garden, and hang with my buds back home.

I'll be back with more blogging on Monday!

Debate Summary

In a nutshell, McCain did a good job last night, but Obama was calm and cool (as usual), and I'm honestly not sure if there's enough time left for McCain to turn this election around... Ayers, and Obama's questionable associations with "Acorn" came up briefly, but McCain stuck to attacking Obama on his dangerous tax plan most often, and even referred to "Joe, The Plumber" several times (whom is a small business owner, Obama had spoken to - and Obama told Joe we have to "spread the wealth", in justifying his extremely high tax increases on small business owners, making over 250K).

Almost every poll has Obama significantly ahead, even if most of the Battle-Ground States, so unless Senator McCain can pull off a miracle, things are not looking good.

But in the immortal words of Yori Berra, "IT AIN'T OVER 'TILL IT'S OVER!"...

Obama may be planning a huge victory party for election night (as is reporting), but until all the votes are tallied, nothing has been decided.

Here's to hoping John McCain can pull a rabbit out of his hat and pull off one of the biggest comebacks in history!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Final Presidential Debate...

It's do or die tonight, for Senator McCain!!

Hit Obama and hit him HARD and OFTEN, and win this all-important, final debate, tonight...

McCain trails by 4-8 points in most national polls, and trails by a few points in almost ALL of the Battleground State polls. But it isn't over yet, and there is still time to hammer Obama on his associations and his Marxist philosophy!

McCain had better be ready and on his game tonight, or he will be in deep, DEEP TROUBLE!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Even the SENIORS are now going at it!

Talk about a divided nation! You know when the elderly are physically brawling, this country is ready to erupt...

ACORN Tries to Register Mickey Mouse!

It would be hysterical, if this far-left, sinister organization wasn't so damn DANGEROUS!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Liberal Outrage in Manhattan

Just an interesting video, displaying the typical "tolerance" of the far-left and liberals in NYC, during a pro-McCain march...

Race Tightens in Gallup Poll

In the 3-day Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, the race narrowed a little bit, with Obama leading 50-43, although the likely voters are now 50 to 46.

Still not good for McCain's chances though, seeing Obama hitting 50 points in the Gallup Poll, but at least the attacks linking Obama to William Ayers and questioning Obama's judgement seems to have had an effect...

Anything can happen though, and if McCain keeps Obama on the DEFENSIVE, the polling data should tighten even more. McCain will also have one more opportunity to knock Obama off his game, on Wednesday, as the two will debate for the 3rd and final time.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New McCain Ad Focusing on Obama and Ayers

Apparently, this ad will be edited down to about 30 seconds, and played in Battle-Ground States...


Pollster: Don't Believe the Dem Hype!

Zogby doesn't buy the hype, that Obama has the election in the bag!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Zogby's Poll Obama Leads 47% - 45%...

Apparently, the race is tightening...

Although I'm not sure if this 3-day tracking poll takes last night's debate into account, it didn't seem like either candidate really delivered a decisive blow, so I wouldn't expect Zogby's numbers to change too significantly over the next few days, unless something major happens, in the news.. .

Thus, maybe this election WILL come down to the wire, after all.

CBS Post Debate Poll

** Just a real quick update... A CBS Post-Debate Poll had Obama wining 39% to 27% for McCain, with 35% Undecided...

Interesting result, as I'd actually expect the CBS Poll to be tilted to the left, and if 35% of the voters were undecided in whom they thought won the debate, then McCain still has a shot!

There's one more debate on October 15th (next Wednesday) from Hempstead, NY.

Debate - Round 2... A Bit Boring... But McCain Wins It!

Well, I was honestly hoping for a LESS BORING DEBATE, than what I saw last night, but I thought it was clearly another example of McCain having so much more experience than Barack Obama, who is clearly over matched in that department.

McCain didn't attack Obama with references to judgement calls, such as affiliations with losers like Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and Tony Rezko. Instead he attacked Obama's "tax plan" and "bad judgement" on "The Surge"...

I thought McCain won the debate, but Obama was slick, calm and cool once again (as he obviously has a distinct skill, and an advantage in that department), but I'm not sure McCain got any clear KO-Punches, which some folks think he may have needed, since he's trailing Obama in the National Polls and in many Battle-Ground State Polls.

Again, I look to the fact you have two choices in this election. One is experienced and clearly qualified to lead and the other doesn't have a SINGLE QUALIFICATION THAT CAN ASSURE US, HE'S READY T BE PRESIDENT!

We can look at the debates and the issues and all the media coverage (which sometimes resembles a circus - especially, since most of the media is in the tank for Obama), but the choice can't be any more clear - Barack Obama is NOT ready to lead. I wouldn't even trust Barack Obama to lead a Cub Scout Troop, let alone lead this NATION! has some more info and details on the debate, and a poll you can participate in...

Presidential Debate - ROUND 2

Tonight at 9PM, in a "Town Hall" style format, the 2 candidates will do battle once again...

I have a feeling there may be a few more fireworks, in tonight's debate, than in the first. McCain needs to come out swinging and hit Obama HARD!

Anti-Obama Author (Corsi) Detained in Kenya

An interesting story developing this morning...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Some More Info to Share, on Obama...

Please take a few minutes to do your part and educate yourselves and anyone you possibly can - on the mysterious man who virtually came out of nowhere, named Barack Hussein Obama.

A man, whom I believe could become the most dangerous man on the planet. Some think he already is!

Forward this info on and let's at least fight for our nation's survival - instead of letting Obama win this election, which in my opinion, would easily divide this nation like it hasn't been divided since 1861!


McCain Calls Obama a LIAR!


It's about TIME John McCain takes off the gloves (like Governor Palin has, over the past few days)...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Military Backing McCain, 68% to 23% (9% undecided)

At least our troops know the deal!

Another Interesting "Pro" Obama Video...

So is this supposed to be the NEW GENERATION OF BLACK PANTHERS, or is this more like the NEW GENERATION OF THE HITLER YOUTH????

Is it me, or are the cult-like, hypnotic followers of Barack Obama becoming more and more alarming???

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Palin Takes the Gloves OFF!!

Now McCain needs to follow suit, and start HAMMERING Obama, on Ayers, Rezko, REV. WRIGHT and on all the other piss-poor judgement calls the Senator has made!

The time for playing nice is OVER!!

This is for the FUTURE of our country!!!

Step up to the plate McCain, and kick the crap out of this JUNIOR SENATOR from Illinois, who doesn't have a shred of qualifications, that justify his being elected to the presidency!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Significant "Focus Group" Clip of the VP Debate

This is an interesting video clip, of undecided voters, who actually broke right down the middle, between Bush and Kerry in '04...

If this is an indicator and a microcosm of American independent voters, there should definitely be a shift in the polls, over the next few days...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin... Extremely Solid... Gives a GREAT PERFORMANCE!!!

Excellent job by Palin!!

Going up against a savvy veteran, like Biden, and the Alaskan Governor not only completely held her own, but in my opinion (probably biased, since I'm voting for McCain), Palin WON that debate...

Now, the all-important independent vote, is who really needed to be swayed tonight, and in trying to put myself in their shoes, it'd be hard to think Palin wasn't solid, tonight. But she was actually BRILLIANT on a HUMAN, DC-OUTSIDER level, and that is what you'd expect the majority of the American People WANT!!!

So, as I type this, the spin-rooms are spinning (on both sides), and the pundits on MSNBC (yes, I actually force myself to STOMACH those left-wing loons, because it's extremely entertaining to watch) are clearly panicked! Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Andrea Mitchell aren't exactly sure what to think. I guess they were expecting an "EPIC FAIL", and instead saw a tremendous performance, by Governor Palin. Pat Buchanon, the lone voice of reason on the FAR-LEFT, IN-THE-TANK-FOR-OBAMA, MSNBC, clearly stated that not only did Palin win the debate, but they all KNEW she won the debate, and were spinning, spinning, spinning...

I have to be honest, I was pretty nervous heading into the debate tonight, but Palin really came through. I don't know if McCain can pull off this election, but he was certainly HELPED, not HURT, tonight!

Now it's up to America, to wake the hell up and vote for McCain / Palin, on November 4th!

O'Reilly DESTROYS Barney Frank!


O'Reilly, on the Factor tonight, completely hammered Barney Frank (Head of the House Banking Committee)...

O'Reilly was fired up, like the OLD Bill O'Reilly used to get, and I'm glad he gave it to the Democratic Congressman, from Massachusetts.

Barney Frank was blaming EVERYONE but himself for the economic crisis, and of course, Barney thought it was Bush's fault, at the top of the ladder. Frank tried to blather about this and that, and tried to spin, spin, spin his way out of an inescapable situation. It didn't work!

A+ for Bill tonight and hopefully, he stays this fired up and energetic from now, until he finally retires...

VP DEBATE TONIGHT!!! (9PM - Eastern)

Tonight's VP Debate could be a "MAKE OR BREAK" moment for John McCain's Presidential hopes.

Palin needs to be herself, and just roll with it, instead of trying to do or say too much, as she did in the Katie Couric interview, last week.

I blame the McCain Campaign for basically tying the Governor up in knots, over what to say or NOT to say, and Sarah has been thinking WAY TOO MUCH, instead of just flowing with the questions she's been asked, and saying how she really feels about things.

Just answer the question and move on. Don't say too much!!! That's the advice I'd give the governor tonight. Act like you know about the issues, but don't be afraid to give a concise answer, if necessary.

Also, don't be afraid to bring up Joe Biden's political failures of the past. Biden voted AGAINST the First Gulf War, then voted FOR the current war in Iraq, but voted AGAINST the SURGE, which has clearly worked and turned things around there.

These are key points, and they need to be brought to the forefront!

Good luck to Sarah tonight. If she holds her own, McCain will be right back in the race. Should she fail miserably in the eyes of the American People, it could be DISASTROUS for McCain's hopes!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Very Eerie Video...

I'm not sure if this video reminds me more of Kim Jong il's "Dear Leader" status in North Korea, or the hypnotized "Hitler Youth"...

Scary stuff!!

But like I've been saying, if the majority of this country votes for this "unqualified, empty suit", then they deserve EVERYTHING they get! I will not sympathize with such stupidity, nor will I respect such ignorance...

Debate Moderator is Pro Obama???

So this morning, I find out tomorrow night's VP-Debate Moderator, Gwen Ifill, has a pro-Obama BOOK, to be released on Inauguration Day... Wonderful! There won't be any bias there, nah...

Then again, should any of us really be SURPRISED at this point, considering about 80% of the news media is heavily in the tank for Obama??