Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin... Extremely Solid... Gives a GREAT PERFORMANCE!!!

Excellent job by Palin!!

Going up against a savvy veteran, like Biden, and the Alaskan Governor not only completely held her own, but in my opinion (probably biased, since I'm voting for McCain), Palin WON that debate...

Now, the all-important independent vote, is who really needed to be swayed tonight, and in trying to put myself in their shoes, it'd be hard to think Palin wasn't solid, tonight. But she was actually BRILLIANT on a HUMAN, DC-OUTSIDER level, and that is what you'd expect the majority of the American People WANT!!!

So, as I type this, the spin-rooms are spinning (on both sides), and the pundits on MSNBC (yes, I actually force myself to STOMACH those left-wing loons, because it's extremely entertaining to watch) are clearly panicked! Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Andrea Mitchell aren't exactly sure what to think. I guess they were expecting an "EPIC FAIL", and instead saw a tremendous performance, by Governor Palin. Pat Buchanon, the lone voice of reason on the FAR-LEFT, IN-THE-TANK-FOR-OBAMA, MSNBC, clearly stated that not only did Palin win the debate, but they all KNEW she won the debate, and were spinning, spinning, spinning...

I have to be honest, I was pretty nervous heading into the debate tonight, but Palin really came through. I don't know if McCain can pull off this election, but he was certainly HELPED, not HURT, tonight!

Now it's up to America, to wake the hell up and vote for McCain / Palin, on November 4th!

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