Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP DEBATE TONIGHT!!! (9PM - Eastern)

Tonight's VP Debate could be a "MAKE OR BREAK" moment for John McCain's Presidential hopes.

Palin needs to be herself, and just roll with it, instead of trying to do or say too much, as she did in the Katie Couric interview, last week.

I blame the McCain Campaign for basically tying the Governor up in knots, over what to say or NOT to say, and Sarah has been thinking WAY TOO MUCH, instead of just flowing with the questions she's been asked, and saying how she really feels about things.

Just answer the question and move on. Don't say too much!!! That's the advice I'd give the governor tonight. Act like you know about the issues, but don't be afraid to give a concise answer, if necessary.

Also, don't be afraid to bring up Joe Biden's political failures of the past. Biden voted AGAINST the First Gulf War, then voted FOR the current war in Iraq, but voted AGAINST the SURGE, which has clearly worked and turned things around there.

These are key points, and they need to be brought to the forefront!

Good luck to Sarah tonight. If she holds her own, McCain will be right back in the race. Should she fail miserably in the eyes of the American People, it could be DISASTROUS for McCain's hopes!

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