Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Home Stretch is Upon us!

As we head into the final 2 weeks of this historic campaign, Obama still leads in all of the polls... Not good news for McCain and perhaps even WORSE news for Americans! www.realclearpolitics.com has more info, and they are a very solid site, for unbiased averages of national and state polls.

It appears America is poised to actually elect a SOCIALIST to the White House. Obama doesn't even try to disguise his political ideology any longer either, with recent statements like we need to "spread the wealth around". Karl Marx would've been proud of such a statement!

But it seems McCain while pulling a little closer, just can't seem to convince too many independent Americans of the obvious.

While visiting some family and friends in New York, I tried to keep a tally of all the folks in favor of McCain and those favoring Obama. Of the family members I spoke to, it was a shutout 4-0, and when it came to my buddies back home, it was an even bigger shutout, with 7 people pulling strongly for McCain and ZERO for Obama...

I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise though, as most of the folks I am close with have all come from humble middle or lower working class backgrounds, and everybody had to EARN THEIR LIVING. No handouts or entitlements... We also learned from our parents about true American Values and we were all fortunate enough to learn in school about the dangers of socialism and the value of CAPITALISM! Oh yes, we also learned HOW GREAT OUR COUNTRY WAS AND IS!!!

I'm not even sure if they teach that any more, to be honest! They are probably too busy teaching our children about the Messiah, named Obama...

But it was still quite astounding, that 11 folks whom I discussed politics with, were ALL for MCCAIN, albeit in this clearly divided country.

So I'm left wondering -- Is it really the Democrats vs the Republicans? The Conservatives vs the Liberals?? The Left vs the Right? Or is it more of those with common sense (McCain backers) going up against those whom are either just plain DUMB, IGNORANT or BOTH???

When Obama blasts President Bush for his unfettered spending, and then a minute later explains how he is going to INCREASE SPENDING BIG TIME, is it only the clear-thinking folks in the minority that actually GET IT??

That's a scary thought and that fear may actually become a reality on November 5th, should McCain be unable to turn this election around!

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How about the Marxist subjects against the Constitutionalist Americans?