Monday, September 22, 2008

43 Days to go...

Only 43 days left, until election day, and we have our first debate this Friday night.

At this point, you'd think most folks already know who they're voting for (and most of them do), but there is still a small, but significant percentage of people still on the fence. Those folks are going to be paying close attention to these 4 debates (3 for the presidential nominees and 1 for the potential VP's).

So it's going to be an interesting last 43 days, as anything can happen within politics (and we're finding that out throughout this historic campaign).

McCain needs to stay away from his "gaffes"; Obama needs to persuade those Democrats that are "luke-warm" on him and those independents not yet in his corner; Biden needs to watch HIS gaffes as well, and definitely needs to be respectful to Palin (but also has to expose her for what the Democrats think are her weaknesses); and Palin needs to stay strong and confident and really show that she's ready to step into the VP role, and even possibly be President, should the situation call for it.

Stay tuned... The roller coaster ride is just getting started!

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Anonymous said...

True... true.... As a strong Obama supporter I guess we disagree on a lot of stuff.... but this is certainly going to be an exciting few weeks..... :-) One for the records