Monday, September 29, 2008

- 777

So the DOW closed down 777 points!!

The Democrats are blaming the House Republicans, for the "Bail Out Bill" failing, but NINETY FIVE DEMOCRATS VOTED AGAINST THE BILL!!!

So basically, if all of those Dems voted FOR the bill, it would have PASSED!!

Yet, good ol' Barney Frank (who without question, shares responsibility for this mess) starts blathering about how it's all the Republicans' fault, and blah, blah, blah... Left-wing shrills, MSNBC, seems to be repeating those talking points.

House Speaker, Pelosi, Frank, Harry Reid and Chris Dodd may be among the dumbest of the DUMB! There's enough blame to go around for this crisis, but I find myself questioning the sanity of these Democrats... I really do!

Then again, with half the country seemingly in Obama's corner, maybe it's time to question the sanity of half of America...

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