Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DOW down again!

Wow, at this point in the day the DOW is down 359 points... Not a time to panic, but definitely cause for some concern...

You look at the recent economic developments, and Obama's thinking it'll be wise to RAISE TAXES??? How the hell would that honestly HELP our economy???

Even if Obama (as he claims) would raise taxes on the top 5% of the country, or those making over 250K a year (which includes almost ALL small business owners), it would simply cripple our economy! Small business owners would begin cutting back, and / or closing up shop, and the domino effect of that could be devastating.

Add to that a raise in the Capital Gains Tax and you'll have tons of investors pulling out of the market. I would!

So, unless Obama does a 180 degree turn, we're in for some scary times, should he win the presidency...

I have to think Barack Obama is smart enough (he seems like a bright guy) to understand the implications of tax hikes, during times when the economy is clearly struggling. But do I know that for a fact?? Do you???

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