Saturday, September 20, 2008

Roller-Coaster on Wall Street!

So, after one of the craziest weeks on Wall Street we've ever seen, the DOW remains UP 40 points over the past month... Doesn't quite sound as "gloom and doom" as the media would let you believe, huh?

Don't get me wrong, there's obviously a ton of problems, when Barney Frank (Democratic Head of the Housing Committee) oversees thousands of loans, to people who were in no position to pay them back (Barney was more interested in the though of "EVERYONE has a RIGHT to a home, which is garbage)... But Frank and the others (he's not alone in this mess) didn't notice or care about the warning signs, they just went along with business as usual, and here we are, with one of the biggest government bail outs EVER! And who gets stuck with the bill??? You, me and the American TAXPAYERS!!!!

Nice! I guess as long as we all sing kumbaya, and give everybody the benefits and entitlements of our society, all will be well, right? WRONG!

Now there's plenty of blame to go around, so I won't just throw it all on good ol' Barney. The SEC Head could've and should've done his job and even President Bush should've been on top of things, warning us all and looking out for the people, when these companies were acting so foolishly! But regardless, we the taxpayers must now bail these guys out...

So, as we edge a little closer to SOCIALISM, Barack Obama and Joe Biden (who now says it's PATRIOTIC to pay higher taxes, if you're rich *you'd think maybe he'd realize the rich already pay a higher percentage of taxes*), keep rolling out the same plan of higher taxes on the rich and small businesses, which would somehow be good for our economy. They would like to send EVERYONE who makes under 40K a year a check for maybe a grand or even more... That sounds like true capitalism, no? *LOL*

It is simply amazing, what the Dems will roll out, as serious plans to fix our economy... Who cares if the guy or gal earning less than 40K a year has a serious drug problem, or is lazy, or just basically wants Uncle Sam to always fit the bill - the Democrats will TAKE MONEY FROM THE RICH, AND GIVE IT TO THEM! The Dems think EVERYONE has a RIGHT to health care, and a RIGHT to home ownership... Excuse me, but I didn't see that statement anywhere in our beloved Constitution, do you???

Health care and home ownership is a PRIVILEGE! Yes, I totally agree, that children, people with "special needs" and the elderly NEED to be taken care of. And I understand, many insurance companies are charging insane rates! Believe me, as a self-employed small business owner, I feel it! Big time!!

But our country cannot afford nationalized health care and it's obvious now, when you take the position everyone is entitled to a loan, so they can get the house of their dreams, we get into trouble.

Our capitalistic society needs strict oversight, in certain areas. We can't have these greedy CEO's walking away with millions, wile we, the American Taxpayer, get stuck with the bill, when Fannie and Freddy collapse. Anything (even capitalism) in an unfettered state is doomed. So while we definitely need Government oversight, to prevent stupid loans, and price gouging (when it comes to oil companies), what we do NOT need, is the free-market taken away from us. The far-left and many liberals would LOVE a socialistic society, where EVERYONE is taken care of, regardless of their ambitions, and their success. Nope, that may be the answer for Russia, and France (and when you can think of ONE thriving socialistic society, please let me know!), but it's not going to fly here in the states.

Unless, maybe Barack Obama is elected to office. Then we may as well become the Socialist States of America.

The bottom line, is I definitely want a President, who is unafraid to challenge the "old boys" and the "fat cats", and from what I've seen of John McCain and Sarah Palin, they seem to be the ones to do it! They have a record of it...

I haven't seen a single thread of evidence, of Obama ever taking on his own party. What I have seen, is a dramatic rise to power by Barack, when he does whatever the left and the far-left tell him to... That's pretty scary, no?

I want a President who will offer real solutions, and have a solid staff of advisers, which I think would be the case - if say, McCain selected Mitt Romney to head the Treasury, and perhaps Joe Lieberman (a bi-partisan DEMOCRAT) to be Secretary of State. Add Rudy Giuliani to the mix (a Moderate-Republican), and you have a very able bodied staff, ready for the challenges this country will face over the next several years...

What do you think the Obama staff will look like? Would that not be the biggest joke, since Slick Willy Clinton appointed folks, like Janet Reno and Madeleine Albrecht??

Think about it folks. While the sky isn't falling yet, these are difficult times, and we need people that offer actual SOLUTIONS, and not just "change"... Some change can be extremely dangerous, unless of course, you wish to see your beloved country take a sharp left turn, before your very eyes!

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