Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Media Reacts...

Watching MSNBC last night was a real treat, as some Liberals were obviously in Panic Mode, not knowing exactly HOW how to react to the brilliant speech, given by Governor Palin.

So analysts (such as far-left nuts) like Rachel Maddow (Air America Radio) and Eugene Robinson (Washington Post) and even the supposedly un-biased (yeah, right!) Nora O'Donnell, repeated the tone, that though the speech while given very well, may have been too "mean-spirited" and "sarcastic".

The most unprofessional analyst in the business (and perhaps of all time), Keith Olbermann, thought they did a good job of mocking Community Organizers everywhere (I thought they instead clearly mocked the press and Obama's qualifications, but who am I to actually see through MSNBC's spin!). I'm willing to bet MANY Americans will find it very difficult to expect a "Community Organizer" with no other solid accomplishments or credentials, to be ready to LEAD!

Good ol' Campbell Brown on CNN (who never shills for Obama in any way, uh-huh!) said McCain definitely got her "attack dog".

But I guess that's what happens when you criticize Obama for not having any qualifications, which is a FACT and not a personal attack. You must either be a "racist", or you're just plain mean! Waaaaah! Baby Trig cries less...

I must give credit where it is due, and Tom Brokaw (of all people) concluded *"She could not have been more winning or engaging", while CNN's Wolf Blizter said, *"She really did hit it out of the park tonight not only here, but for millions of Americans watching across the country".

*From ABC's George Stephanopoulos, "There were a lot beautiful and effective lines in this speech. "She definitely gets an A...!"

*From USA-Today, under the headline "Palin Makes Landfall in St. Paul," said, "Looking confident and poised, she depicted herself as an independent-minded fiscal conservative, an advocate for special-needs children such as her son Trig -- and a critic of Obama."

*Excepts from US NEWS & WORLD REPORT at

I think the bottom line here, is the Republicans are now back on track and united, while the Democrats, who seemed in pretty good position to win this historic election, KNOW they are now in a FIGHT! They were hoping Palin would come off as a rookie, or perhaps a deer in the National Headlights.

They were wrong!!!

Now it's time for the American People to wake up...

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