Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Rememberance

Just taking a moment, to acknowledge the 7th Anniversary of the worst attack on American soil.

Personally, I think the majority of our country has returned to their pre-9/11 mindset, and that's a shame...

There is of course, a moron like Keith Olbermann trying to politicize that tragic day, and Keith's always attacking the Republicans, for paying tribute to the victims (ex: by showing a video during the RNC, last week). Of course, being on MSNBC, about 12 people probably saw Keith's "Special Comment", but I saw it on youtube, with a link from one the nutty left-wing sites...

Maybe the clips of 9/11 SHOULD be played every damn day! We can NEVER, EVER forget what those cowardly bastards did to our citizens, and returning to our ignorant pre-9/11 mindset, is extremely dangerous. It's not a Democrat or a Republican issue, it's an AMERICAN ISSUE!!

Whether or not you think President Bush dropped the ball on invading Iraq (although the entire WORLD was confident Saddam Hussein DID have weapons of mass destruction and was trying to obtain nuclear weapons), you simply HAVE to give President Bush a TON of CREDIT, for keeping us safe, SINCE 9/11! Period!! No argument there, at all...

Plus, we are now on the verge of VICTORY in Iraq (no thanks to Obama's vote AGAINST the Surge). Winning in Iraq and Afghanistan will deal a critical blow to Al Qaeda and terrorists abroad, and this country cannot afford to become complacent at this crucial time!

But it honestly shouldn't be a Liberal, Conservative, Democrat or Republican issue. Our nation's defense and protecting it's citizens should be a COMMON SENSE ISSUE!

Never forget that tragic day 7 years ago... NEVER!!!

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