Friday, September 26, 2008

Game On! (The First Debate)

So, McCain and Obama are headed to Mississippi as I type these words, and we will have our first Presidential Debate, after all...

McCain showed some true leadership, by postponing his campaign for a few days, in order to try and get EVERYONE together, to solve this economic crisis. Some flash polls showed McCain gaining a few points, for that decision.

Obama, whom at first said "If you need me, call me" (a huge mistake, in my opinion), also went to Washington and assisted in this "bail-out" that has all of us tax payers paying the bill. Nice!

I reluctantly am for the bail out though, simply because I don't think it would be helpful to enter a full-scale DEPRESSION, at this time (which would and will clearly happen if the economy tanks and the foreign investors pull-out!).

It appears our government will reach an agreement either today, or by Monday, and hopefully, the market will rebound...

But the debate is ON, and will begin at 9PM, EST. Stay tuned, for it should be a good one!

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