Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama Swings back in National Polls Lead...

The tide has seemed to turn once again towards Senator Obama, after last week's financial crisis. Now has Obama in the lead by a few points, throughout their average of nationwide polls... Real Clear Politics is a great, unbiased sit, that takes the average of all the significant polls...

However, the all-important "Battle Ground State" polls show a very tight, split race, with the following breakdown...

Obama +4.0

McCain +1.6

McCain +2.0

Obama +2.5

Obama +3.7

McCain +0.8

Bottom line is although Obama has started to open up a bit of a national lead, the battle ground states are still very tight... The debates could make or break either candidate, and the first debate is this Friday night at 9Pm, from the University of Mississippi.

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