Thursday, September 4, 2008

One word... Powerful!!

I've seen some significant speeches, and have heard about some remarkable speeches, before my time... But this acceptance speech by John McCain, was as patriotic and as powerful, as one you may ever hear! I know it's one of the best I've ever heard!

It may not have had the Styrofoam columns (thanks Sarah) or the glitz and glamor (rockstar appeal) of an Obama speech, but it was an AMERICAN SPEECH and it was magnificent! I honestly don't want a rock-star for a President. I want a problem solver, with experience, patriotism, and an immeasurable love of their country!

The experience and character of this man simply cannot be questioned! The toughness, the grit, the determination, the humility... you name it, McCain HAS IT!

This is a Senator, whom I strongly disagree with on certain important issues, including and especially immigration, for which I stand firm on my position. But I would be willing to give my life in a second for a patriotic American like that, and I am without a doubt, giving him my vote!

I watched Barack Obama earlier, on the O'Reilly Factor, REFUSE to accept the fact he was WRONG, on the Surge in Iraq, which now has secured the country, and has us on the brink of victory. Then a few hours later, I saw John McCain admit he's an IMPERFECT POLITICIAN. Clear difference in character? I think so!

McCain nailed specifics about why it's more important to tackle health care in a way that makes sense, and gives people choices, whether they have families, work for small businesses, whatever the situation - rather than a FORCED, BUREAUCRATIC umbrella of NATIONALIZED HEALTH CARE, which is Senator Obama's plan. I for one, do NOT want my government controlling health care, and I really don't feel like waiting 3, 6 or 9 months to see a physician... Not to mention our country simply CANNOT AFFORD IT!!!

He also explained why LOWERING taxes assists in rebuilding the economy and helps small businesses, while raising them across the board (again, an Obama plan) will only cripple our economy. America was founded on the desire to be FREE and our Founding Fathers helped create the most ambitious country of all time!! Let's keep it that way, and steer clear of Marxism and Socialism, which is clearly where Obama wants to take us.

It was indeed a very powerful, nonpartisan speech, and I will never forget it!

I simply cannot understand how a person could honestly vote for Senator Obama, on November 4th! The choice is crystal clear.

Wake the hell up, get the hell out and tell everyone you know to Vote MCCAIN / PALIN in '08!

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