Monday, September 8, 2008

O'Reilly's Interview with Obama (Part-2)

I knew Bill wouldn't let us down, and he gave a solid (but fair) second part of his interview with the Illinois Senator, tonight. The interview had taken place last Thursday, but will be aired in two more parts, tomorrow and Wednesday.

Tonight, the subject was Domestic Policy and TAXES!

Bill came at Barack with some tough questions and Obama did his best "Slick Willy" impersonation, by slickly dodging and weaving, and even LOWERING his tax percentage at one point, to the area O'Reilly had suggested. Maybe Obama should hire O'Reilly as an advisor, and if he did, he'd probably get my vote :P

My Brother had called me after the interview, and made a great observation, saying "it was clear, that Bill was the PROFESSOR, and Barack was the STUDENT, during the conversation"... Agreed!

Anyway, it was a very entertaining interview to say the least, and it's probably only going to get livelier tomorrow night, as the two will cover the "associations" topic, including terrorist, William Ayers.

I'm anticipating another great segment!

** For those who don't get cable, I'm sure youtube will have the clips, and after all 4 segments, I bet O'Reilly will put the interview in it's entirety on

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