Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain Wins First Debate...

I was honestly trying to be as "objective" as possible, while watching the first debate last night. In 2004, I was heavily in the corner of George Bush, and yet I thought John Kerry really whooped him. I honestly thought Bush looked frazzled and angry, and didn't perform well at all...

Last night, I thought McCain won the debate, handily! I considered the economic portion of the debate a tie, but when the exchange hit the topic of foreign policy, Obama was clearly the student and McCain the professor!

John McCain used his vast experience to name many foreign leaders he'd actually met with, and explained how he was much more knowledgeable than Senator Obama, on topics such as Georgia and Afghanistan, because he'd actually been there (and thus, knew the situation on the ground and how to deal with it).

McCain also HAMMERED Obama on Iraq, and explained how if we followed Obama's plan of a time-table for withdrawal, we'd have clearly LOST the war, and the country would be a haven for Al-Qaeda, and the terrorist organization would be that much stronger, with bases in Iraq.

Obama looked flustered and angry at times, and seemed to be on the DEFENSIVE most of the evening, which is usually a clear indicator of who's winning and losing a debate (if you're on the defensive, you're usually LOSING!)...

Again, in trying to be unbiased, because I already know whom I'm voting for and I'm just trying to figure out how an independent voter would read into the debate - I'd honestly have to grade McCain an "A" and Obama a "C"... The beginning half (the economic crisis) seemed again, to be a tie, although a clear victory within that half for McCain, was when Obama was asked what programs he'd have to cut, due to the price of the "bail out", and Obama not only couldn't think of anything specific, but actually added MORE SPENDING PROGRAMS - while McCain immediately said he'd cut ALL spending, aside from defense, veterans affairs, and only the utmost of crucial bills.

Bottom line - McCain won this debate, without a doubt in my mind... Some may think Obama held his own, and some Democrats think that's a "win" for Obama, but I totally disagree. The polls are pretty tight still, and I think the average independent voter would view the debate as a McCain victory. It's hard for me to see anyone that hasn't made up their mind yet, being comfortable in this dangerous time, voting for the "new-guy" in Barack Obama.

I think if Obama is tied in the polls with McCain or even slightly ahead come election day, it's actually a problem for the Senator form Illinois, as I'm willing to bet many people (once they get inside that enclosed booth) are going with their gut, and going for McCain. I think in order for Obama to be victorious, he needs to be ahead by at least 5-7 points, in the national polls, and 3-4 points ahead in the all-important battle ground states.

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